Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Long Time Gone

Dear Friends:

I have been away from my, blog....for far too long. Forgive me, please.

I have a plan to get back in the saddle, though. Today, I will post a new entry after the noon Eucharist and lunch. I have some thoughts I'd like to share about the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Possibly later today, or tomorrow I will do the first installment on my trip to the Gulf Coast. I had hoped I would have some internet access while down there - obviously, my expectations were out of line...duh.

Anyhoo - for now, at least, there is a plan to regroup and move forward. Much good news to share. Many blessings, many thoughts.


Reverend Mother+


Gallycat said...

welcome home! yes, lunch soon. :) Next week I will be crazy busy with closing on the house, but I'm sure we can work it in.

Jan said...

Jennifer -- check out Diana Butler Bass' remarks at
about being the mother of the murderer at VT.

Jennifer+ said...


Thanks for the heads-up of Diana's posting on God's Politics/beliefnet. It's definitely worth reading. I'm hoping for some feedback and comments on my post re: mental illness. Love to hear your views on all this.