Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Marketing God, Part Deux

So in the previous post (below), I mentioned that at the BNI meeting I had to get up and participate twice. Actually, the second time, I didn't have to get up. Truth be told (remember my mantra), they were going to by-pass me in this round. But seeing as how it was a pass-the-basket activity, how could I as a preacher not participate and maintain any sense of integrity or image at all?

The deal was that they were passing this little basket around and as each person got it, they stood up and said what they were putting in it; either a referral slip for another member, or a thank you slip with resultant dollars earned for a referral they had received and followed up on. Sometimes, someone would reach in and take out the referral that was intended for them from someone else who had recently had their turn and put it in there.

I couldn't resist. I just couldn't.

As my table neighbor began to pass the basket around me to the next person I grabbed it and stood up.

"Your customs are strange," I said. "In my tradition, if we made everyone stand up and explain what they were putting in the basket, we'd clear out the church in a big hurry. On the other hand, maybe if we let people reach in and take what they needed as the basket came to them, the church might not be struggling with membership decline."

I got a lot of laughs. But, hey - I was being serious.


BVP said...

Reverend Jennifer, You were an excellent example of the divine networker at the BNI! And we know your fine sense of humor along with God's message was a great tension breaker! Thank you for your contribution. Would love to meet you again and hear more about God's mission through your life...or as I like to say co-mission! Have you read Steve Saint's "the great omission"? Are you acquainted with Ron Roth?

Jennifer+ said...

BVP: Thanks for your kind words. No, I haven't read Steve Saint or Ron Roth, but will look them up - thanks for the lead!