Sunday, July 27, 2008


We began our day with Breakfast and then headed out to the Cathedral for a Celebracion de la Santa Eucaristia - and "Celebracion" is truly what it was. The music was vibrant, the people were joyous, and we left feeling truly fed.

Here's a brief taste of what the music before the service sounded like:

Later, after having lunch back at the hotel we went for a little tour of the outskirts of town and then on to the transitional house for the girls from Our Little Roses who are in college.

On the tour we learned about the Bordo area - which is the type of area where many of the girls have come from. On one side of the highway is the Universidad and a really nice looking gated community. On the other side of the highway, literally across the street - and the stream - is el bordo. Some pics:

I'll post about the transitional program and our reflections on the day separately.
Peace Out

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