Saturday, July 26, 2008


Is that possible? Well, we won't get into time lapses or time travel or anything like that. But to answer the question: Yes, you can get to the blogosphere via Honduras - at least from the Gran Sula Hotel you can.

I left the US out of Reagan National Airport (DC) yesterday morning and after 6 hours of airtravel and 3 hours of standing in line for a 2 minute immigration check-in, we headed for our hotel in San Pedro Sula.

The "We" is a mission team from Christ Church. And where "We" are headed is to spend about 10 days here with the girls at the Our Little Roses home for girls (below) right here in San Pedro Sula.

I'm going to try to download and post some pics of my own. Check back with me when you can.

BTW: I just thought that this might be a good alternative story line to whatever news might be coming out of Lambeth...

Peace Out.

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