Monday, July 28, 2008

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like...

Today at the Cathedral we heard this portion of the Gospel of Matthew:

Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-49a where Jesus talks about what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. Tonight, after spending the better part of the afternoon and evening with the girls, hosting an "Olympics" and having dinner with them, we can back to the hotel and had a team circle time. Jared, one of our clergy residents at Christ Church and a deacon. read this gospel of the day for us. I then asked the group how they would describe glimpses of the Kingdom of Heaven that they had seen today. Some of their answers were:

  • In the way the girls really sang out on all the hymns and how they knew them all by heart
  • Seeing the girls' faces as they waited in line for some tres leches cake
  • Watching how the older girls really looked after the younger girls
  • Seeing the exuberance of the girls as they played the "olympic" games

Do you detect a theme? Clearly one of the opportunities we have while we are here is to "tune our eyes" so that we can more readily recognize those moments when the Kingdom of Heaven breaks into the current reality of life. If we can take home with us eyes and ears and hearts that are more finely tuned to God's signs of the kingdom, then we truly will have received a gift more precious than any we might have brought along on the trip with us.

Peace Out

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